Can you recognize any car model?

We can recognize any model which we have in our catalog. At the moment we have data on 300 car brands and 2500 models.

Can you adapt API to our needs?

We can customize our API for your needs. If you need to recognize the specific models / colors / positions of the cars, we can custom build an API for you.

How do we access the API and how much does it cost?

To get access to the API, please message us using the contact form. The price depends on the level of access you need. If you want to use our standard API with a limited request rate, we can provide access to the API for free. If you need a high performance customized solution we can work this out as well.

*How accurate is your solution?

Accuracy is a relative parameter. Depending on your usage or case accuracy can range from 0 to 100%. To assess the accuracy of our solution we downloaded 1000 random images of cars from used car web-sites. On average we were able to correctly recognize 970 cars out of 1000. That gives an accuracy rate of 97%